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Thread: If anyone is interested.

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    Default If anyone is interested.

    I admit I'm not that good a painter but I try, here is a link to my repaints, a lot are fictional because that is what I like to do, some real world of course.

    Also I can't get my head round these graphics programs and all I use is FSrepaint, anyway lots of screen shots here so if you have time scroll through, some of them date back a few years when I first started.

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    Actually . . . Nice work from what I saw at Image Shack - I'd be happy with them !

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    Man, you did a lot of beautiful repaints, my compliments!

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    What you might lack in detail and finesse you more than make up for in quantity!
    That's an impressive library of paints my friend. You are the Earl Scheib of repaints! -- Bob

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