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Thread: Juneau, Alaska

  1. Default Juneau, Alaska

    REXTD Enhanced

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    I wish I can hire you to install Orbx, PAJN, and PAKT into my laptop!

    Amazing screenshots



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    Fantastic pics of the perfect plane, scenery. Kenny

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    Super work with this one Adam! I like the Beaver and that Orbx scenery never disappoints. Great pics. in every respect!

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    Magnificent! love it Adam. Thanks for sharing.
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    I have been there in real life several years ago. Beautiful to say the least. Yoor MilViz beaver looks right at home here. Mike

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    Aharon, Kenny, Larry, Khalid, Mike thank you gents.

    Aharon, the install is automatic with FTX Central, all you need to do is open an account with Orbx and download your scenery with FTX Central, that's it.

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    Terrific pics Adam!
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    Very nice Adam, love the Alaskan scenery and the bird belongs there like Mike said

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    Joe, Jan, thank you fellas.

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