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Thread: Runway and approach transition selection

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    Default Runway and approach transition selection

    I'm an FSX user and I have typically used vectors for landing for a long time. I recently decided to try some different transitions instead of just using vectors. I'm trying to figure out the factors to consider when choosing a transition and when it would be better than using vectors. I noticed that some have holding patterns which would allow one to lose altitude if needed. The heading coming into the airport as well as terrain might also be factors. However it seems in most cases vectors are the simplest and most direct. What are the things to consider when selecting a transition other than limitations that might be imposed by ATC. So far ATC generally seems to approve of requested changes.

    Also when I'm flying VFR I normally select the runway in use as designated by ATIS. I'm wondering if I could get into a situation where the runway in use may be too short for a jet for example. Some large airports do have some pretty short runways. Is the fact I'm flying a jet with certain runway requirements taken into consideration by ATC ?

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    Plain and simple, ATC in FS is pretty mundane and stupid. And no, runways are not taken into consideration. You could be flying an A380 and they will land you onto a 5,000 foot runway.

    This is one factor I'd iron out in my own Sim venture I'd create if I won the lotto.

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