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Thread: Cls md-80 p3d v4

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    Default Cls md-80 p3d v4

    Hi Everyone,

    I don't usually ask for much help out here as I like to try and fix my own problems. It is part of the fun of the hobby.

    I am trying to get my CLS MD-80 working in P3D V4. Everything seems to work except I don't have a VC. All the 2d panels (hate 2d panels) seem to be working but no VC.

    Is this caused by the gauges being changed from .DLL to .XML?

    Sure would be great if this bird worked.

    Ross G.

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    CLS MD-80 does not work in P3D V4.

    Problem solved.

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    Actually it does. 2d panels work just fine. It is the VC that does not work and I am looking for an answer too.

    Thanks for trying.

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    If the coding for the gauges, etc is not compatible with 64bit, it just will not work.

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    Is that just for the VC cockpit? As stated the 2d cockpit works fine. I take it the 2d cockpit does not use the same gauge files as the VC does??

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrUnSavory View Post
    Is that just for the VC cockpit? As stated the 2d cockpit works fine. I take it the 2d cockpit does not use the same gauge files as the VC does??
    The CLS MD80 has a special (copy protection?) system, you have to specifically activate the VC with the CLS sim icons. If these icons are indeed based on a DLL, then there is nothing you can do. You should be missing the gear as well btw.
    I have the plane but I didn't try it in V4 yet. Complex addons seem pointless, as most of them use DLLs for some feature or other - and those just can't work in V4.

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    Here are some screen shots from P3D V4. I have landing gear and a 2d panel but the 3rd shot is of where my VC should be but not there.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	XhBXIqO.jpg 
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    Name:  Prepar3D_2017-08-29_12-39-55.png
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    Name:  ShareX_2017-08-29_12-40-07.jpg
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    FIXED!! Thank You EVM for slapping my brain a bit. It was as simple as the sim icons which I had forgotten about as I had not flown this bird in awhile. Yes, the CLS-MD-80 does work in P3DV4!!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1tW21Gs.jpg 
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ID:	199516

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    MrUnsavory, Do you have switch sounds and altitude callouts? I have not been able to figure that part out. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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    Unfortunately no. I have been looking for a fix and trying some things but I think it is beyond my knowledge. I sure wish they had sound as everything else works.

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