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Thread: Article: Review: Just Flight PA28R Arrow III

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    Default Article: Review: Just Flight PA28R Arrow III

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    Nice review
    I now have the three JustFlight PA28s and it's amazing to see the quality.
    On the other PA28 versions the autopilot altitude hold is engaged by pushing the function knob in and out - long cross country flights are easy
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    Comprehensive review - thanks BritFrog. Good to see a model compared to the real thing and coming out so well.

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    Very nice review; thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    like it very much. Does it runs on FSX SP2?

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    Just Flight have also made the aircraft compatible for Flight Sim World, making it the first official aircraft add-on! (Drzewiecki Design did release their New York scenery for Flight Sim World, but Dovetail Games did not have any mention in this as they would like, making it semi-official.)

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    Default Just Flight Arrow

    Quote Originally Posted by DominicS View Post
    Very nice review; thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I beg to differ on your test of the Arrow. I am an old arrow pilot with thousand hours on the plane and I can find almost nothing that reminds me of an arrow.
    The sound is wrong, the feel in flying it is wrong. A real arrow is a very nice and stable plane, the simulation one is absolutely not even close to the real one. The control feel is wrong, the flap activation is wrong and so on.
    It has a nice instrument board but it is absolutely no fun to fly. I have a feeling that no real pilot has had any influence on programming this airplane.
    The price is much to high, I have a feeling that a better flying Arrow can be found as freeware.

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