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Thread: Half Moon Bay Airport (Eddie Andreini Field) by Rising Dawn Studios

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    Default Half Moon Bay Airport (Eddie Andreini Field) by Rising Dawn Studios

    Dear Simmers!

    After long months of work, I would like to announce that KHAF Half Moon Bay airport is finally available in the stores!

    Half Moon Bay is an ex-Air Force airfield in California, close to San Franciso and Silicon Valley, converted for general aviation use decades ago.
    Since this airport is my home base since a decade now, I wanted to convey the same feeling to the users. So the scenery features a fully customizable hangar for the user's aircraft, and it is a nice and welcoming place to come home after a long trip. Customization options include painting, putting a poster on the wall (including your own images), changing the light fixtures, and cleaning up (or leaving it dirty).

    The airport was the default starting locating in Flight Unlimited II, and if you were a fan of it, you might find some subtle cues referring to back to that sim in this scenery package, and the manual, too.

    Other features include:

    Photo scenery coverage of the airport and nearby areas with 0.3-0.6 cm's per pixel

    Animated 3D trees which sway according to wind strength

    Ultra detailed pavement and runway markings, with reflections

    Baked in ambient-occlusion effects

    Realistic grass, with customizable density

    Animated powerlines

    A special night mode on the terminal building with shutters, an animated neon sign, etc.

    I could also mention 4K textures, but that is a misnomer, and doesn't actually mean much, so I let the screenshots speak instead.

    The scenery also covers the following nearby neighborhoods:

    The industrial-commercial area of Princeton, with open-air car and boat dealerships

    Pillar Ridge (a manufactured home community adjacent to the airport)

    The magnificent Pacifico Hotel and its surrounding sister-buildings

    Point Pillar Air Force Station (a remote telemetry site of Vandenberg Air Force Base,
    tasked to track and to monitor ballistic missiles - overflying is prohibited)

    Pillar Point Harbor, with a plethora of ships and boats (some of them animated)

    If you are interested, you can read the manual here, I've tried to make it look like a 1980's Popular Mechanics magazine, and it details all aspects of the airport, including customization options:

    You can find me with questions here at the forums, or at Rising Dawn Studios' Facebook page. I wish many happy hours of flying! Also, I think I haven't put enough emphasis on this in the manual: if you happen to see some half-floating objects around the radar station or Princeton, please use the files from the 'HD_mesh_compatibility' folder, that should fix the issue.


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    Some people were experiencing issues with floating objects. I made an update, incorporating a fix, plus some other features.

    I believe the update should be live now - please check in the store, should be 1.1!
    Can I ask the people affected to report back whether the floating issues has been resolved (both with radar station, and inside the hangar)? Of course I don't want to hijack the forum for this purpose, so please do it in PM or on Facebook. Also, please check if you can still repaint the beams and change the posters - I had to do some restructuring with those files, but it should still be ok. Thanks very much!

    I've also introduced another customization option for the trees, it's detailed on page 14 in the updated manual. Also, 3D trees are now the default option. The update also include some tweaks to the exclusion zones, better ortho blending, and some other minor improvements. I hope that makes your experience more enjoyable!

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    Update v.1.2 is in the stores now! It's mostly minor fixes that most of you won't even notice, but there is one bigger feature: I have reworked the appearance of the terrain around Point Pillar Tracking Station. The cliffs there are very dramatic, and normally none of the publicly available mesh products get right. So I've given them a little hand-crafted care. I know it's not perfect, because I have some limitations in terms of what I can do, but I believe it's a definite improvement over what you currently have, and will make flying in the area more scenic. I hope you'll enjoy the result!

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    Hey Guys,

    Half Moon Bay version 1.3 is live! The biggest change of this patch is the addition of optional surfboards to the hangar, referring to the yearly held Titans of Mavericks surfing contest - which is based in the Bay. The manual is also updated to reflect the change. There also also some minor bugfixes, too, but probably you won't even notice, just minor stuff.

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    Hey Guys,

    I want to mention update v.1.4, which introduces 3D people into the scenery! They might not be the most detailed ones around there, but they look very plausible viewed from the aircraft, and very light on fps! They are also 'good guys' so they disappear during the night, only to re-appear the next morning by the time the Cafe opens!

    The update also includes my preferential files for World Traffic users. The airport by itself is fully compatible with World Traffic (it always was), however if you use my own files, you won't get traffic generated where it shouldn't appear anyway (like on run-up areas, etc). As usual, enjoy the update!

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    *** Admins please don't remove this ***

    Customers who have purchased Half Moon Bay at Future Game Shop / Let's Sim, please contact me with your order number on Facebook, or on the email found in the airport's manual. Thank you!

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