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Thread: Dtxbmp problem

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    Default Dtxbmp problem

    I've been using Dtxbmp for years but it has just started saving 1024 x 768 bitmaps to 1024 x 1024. I've done nothing to it. How do I get it to revert to saving as 1024 x 768 bitmaps like it used to ?

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    I have the same problem & couldn't fix it, if the textures need to be saved as 24bit bmp then just use Microsoft Paint.

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    DXTBmp has never saved to 1024x768 because that size is not recognized by FS.

    DXTBmp will always resize to a compatible pixel count, which is one that is a power of two.

    32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096

    24 bit color depth has nothing to do with pixel count.

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    I've been using it for 7yrs or longer & load from FS9, edited via paint & saved it straight back to the texture folder I got it from with no problem. The bitmaps in a A320 panel are 1024x768 & have always been saved as that.....................

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    StringBean is right, DXTBmp will always convert a 1024x768 bmp to 1024x1024 if you open the bmp with it.
    You've probably associated all bmp files with DXTBmp so that when you double-click on them, they open with DXTBmp automatically. I've done the same and it catches me out from time to time!
    If you right-click on the bmp file and then select Open with/Paint, it will stay 1024x768 size.

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    No, I been using dtxbmp for years to make bitmaps usable in fs9 & I do use paint a lot. I've made 25 or so WW2 airfields & have never come across this particular problem.
    I've run a texture through dtxbmp 2 or 3 times to rectify the fault that cropped up & that seems to have done the trick..

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    Panel BMP files ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from any other BMP file used in FS. They can remain 24 bit (unlike all the others) and do not need to be a power of 2. Thus they do not need to be run through DXTBmp (and shouldn't).

    Hope this helps,
    Tom Gibson

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    I've found that to get rid of these black marks round the window edges I can do so by running the texture through dtxbmp at least twice to get rid of them.
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    That kind of problem is generally caused by reducing to too few a number of colours. Change those notchy bits to completely black and not dark grey and you will not see them.


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    I got rid of the black areas (they were black not dark grey) after running it twice through dtxbmp.

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