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Thread: Dtxbmp problem

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    True black textures are effectively transparent in panel bitmaps. Anything other than black displays; that is what you are seeing.

    The other thing that can cause that effect is using dithering during conversion.


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    well, they looked blacked. 2 runs with dtxbmp got rid of them.
    I've no idea what 'dithering' as you use it means. I just clicked 'save as' & left the rest paint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsymoth View Post
    I've no idea what 'dithering' as you use it means
    All explained in gory detail here:


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    lost between how it is and how it ought to be


    Any pixel on a 2D panel bitmap that is true black (RGB 0,0,0) will be transparent in the sim. Any other value, even 0,0,1, will not be transparent and will look black in the sim.

    When you process these images with BXTBmp I suspect the color palette gets shifted, eliminating some near black colors and replacing them with true black. This is the wrong way to fix the problem.

    In addition to fixing your problem, I suspect you are also losing detail elsewhere in the image. You are, in effect, repeatedly compressing your images and every time you compress an image you lose detail.

    The correct way to fix your problem is to paint those pixels true black (RGB 0,0,0) in your painting software.

    I doubt dithering has anything to do with this as I believe DXTBmp only uses dithering when saving an image with mipmaps, and there is zero reason to use mipmaps on a 2D panel bitmap.

    In fact, as has been stated, there is no reason to use DXTBmp for 2D panel bitmaps at all.

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    I'm late catching up.......the tip about black being transparent is useful because it explains a problem & had some time ago go with a hut window....I must have got grey paint on it by accident & wonder why I could see through spots on both. Now I know!

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