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    It's been "fun" this summer, but I've been managing to get some flights in. My latest quest is around the world eastbound flying the PAD Cessna 414 Chancellor. That means legs of around 800 to 1,000 NM at FL 230. The route so far has been O08-KFSD-KCHS-MBGT-TBPB. I've managed to avoid most of the thunderstorms and the aircraft is a good platform for the mission. I'll post snapshots here as I remember to take them! Plus, after THIS little jaunt, I'm thinking about a "Four Corners of the USA" rally. As always with FS, there's just too much fun to be had!
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    Thanks Ponch,

    Whew .... I'm glad somebody is stirring this pot .... stuff was starting to stick to the bottom.

    Have fun on your run and when you can grab some snaps of the 414 in action .... that's a great plane.

    I keep an eye peeled for the Four Corners Rally .... sounds good.

    It will be moved up (sticky) to the top of the forum threads when ever I see it.

    DCA has the Market Garden event coming up to which all of us are invited ..... pushed back until Sep 30 and Oct 7.

    Glen (host) has made special provisions for anyone that still prefers FS9 (like say me for instance).

    Post to that thread with any questions or just drop me a PM.

    Also rumor out of DCA's hanger of a 2017 World Rally .... an all time favorite of many of our members.

    Virtual ... on your on time against a liberal rolling deadline schedule .... uh, say flight 1 (of maybe ten or so), will need to be complete by a particular date .... then flight 2 will have a deadline a few days later than flight 1 and flight 3 a few days later than flight 2 and so on.

    Fun! .... no scenery or aircraft to down load .... just the plans for each flight .... easy to follow instructions to various destinations around the globe ... always interesting terrain and intermediate approaches sometimes with tuff weather.

    Not a race, but a Rally .... best average speed, fuel burn, etc.

    See ya back soon ... thanks again!,

    Extensive flight planning is the key to proper operation.

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