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Thread: Dual install of FSX

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    The M.2 driver should be at the motherboard's website. The hard drive manufacturer won't have that.

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    It could be that updating the bios makes the drive show. (probably depends on what mainboard and drive, but worth looking in to.)
    (Be aware bios updates are risky.)
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    The motherboard is a Asus Maxuimus ix Extreme with a onboard water cooling built into the board, it comes with a USB stick with all the driver on it.
    The problem is Windows 7 does not support M2 Pcie drivers , the Samsung 960 evo Pcie SSD
    Can not be seem, Samsung want you to use Windows 10 , Microsoft want you to use Windows 10, hence the problem,
    It can be done but it's very complex, to get windows 7 and the 960 evo working.
    I have not managed it yet,
    I now have a set of instructions from Samsung on how to do it.
    Not sure whether other SSD manufacturers provide drivers for W7
    Google lots of info on the problem,

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    Aain, have a look at updating to the latest BIOS.
    (Most mainboards do not come with the latest BIOS installed when you buy them.)

    Read the article here called:
    [ASUS] (PR) ASUS Announces All X99 and Z97 Motherboards Support NVM Express Devices

    (I think it's the 6th or 7th down the page.)
    It looks promising I think.

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    As mentioned previously, the problem isn't with the M2 drives themselves but the drive controller on the motherboard. Windows 7 doesn't have PCIe NVM support built in so you either need to install the drivers, or use a version of Windows that has support already included.

    There are guides on how to do this, though they will take some effort to follow.

    Another option is to install Windows 7 on a regular hard drive or SATA SSD, install the patches that add support for NVMe drives, and then clone the Windows 7 install over to the M2 SSD.

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    The link i have in last post mentions NVM support.

    No idea what that is, but I searched his specific board and found this latest bios adds NVM support for it.

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    It's a new standard to better support SSD drives as SATA ports aren't fast enough.

    Being a new standard, Windows 7 install discs don't come with the necessary drivers to support installing to PCIe NVMe drives. Much like Windows XP doesn't have SATA support built-in and required the user to load the proper drivers when installing.

    In this case the motherboard supports NVMe drives, but only Windows 8.1 and above come with the required drivers. There are drivers for Windows 7, however they can only be installed after Windows 7 has already been installed. Or the user has to follow a guide like the one I posted to add the drivers into an install disc.

    I have a similar Asus Z270 board and they already include NVM support, so I don't think a BIOS update is going to help. The problem really is Windows 7 is older than the NVME standard and doesn't come with support built-in.

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    Thank you,
    I had read about Windows7 requiring a driver. But didn't know how to help with that.

    But I still think that bios is also worth looking at.
    My though is. Yes, it needs the Win7 driver... Or the "use an Image" method.... but NVM support
    needs to be there as well.
    It's at least worth checkig if the installled Bios suports that on his board.

    But, I did make an error too.
    I googled his mainboard type, found the ASUS website, and clicked on the "support and drivers" link for that mainboard.
    There I checked the BIOS updates. I read their description. last vrsion was 1009.

    Then I googled: Asus Maxuimus ix Extreme bios version 1009 "m2 drives"
    And found the link I gave.

    Only now did I see his board is not specifically metioned there.
    Maybe his board comes with that support already.

    Thanks again, I'll get out of this now.

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    Yes, the Asus Z270 series all come with NVMe support as mentioned in the product page. Nothing in the BIOS notes says anything about adding M2 or NVMe support. One of the previous BIOS versions fixed an issue with M.2 drives from Plextor.

    Something else to note with these boards in that the latest Intel Kaby Lake CPUs are only supported under Windows 10.

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