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Thread: What are the chances??

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    This is the thread I meant. I'm not sure if the addon also adds eclipses.

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    Found it. The addon I meant is "Autostar X v1.0.1 for FSX" available on flyawaysimulation. (find using google, is faster).

    Again, don't know if it adds eclipses.

    Installing is not straightforward. Read this for example:

    searching "Stars fsx" (google), I also found an Fsdeveloper thread on a new stars addon. Only read the cut bits that google showed, from that it seemed unfinished, but who knows.

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    Thanks everyone! Only getting around 70% coverage here in the Bay Area so I thought about jumping into an aircraft and flying in the "Total Zone" to check it out.
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    Well at San Francisco YOU KNOW the fog will be thick all day that day. Happens all the time. We (Salinas) also could have fog, or more correct, 'marine layer' clouds all day. I don't plan to do anything 'special' Aug 21 other than to take 3 hour nap. Wake me when it's over (ha).
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    Special sunglasses; cardboard boxes with pinholes?

    I don't need no stinkin' sunglasses!

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    The big solar eclipse here in Europe was back in August 1999.

    Having learned about it in school back in the 50's, I waited literally 40 years for the big day.

    I even crossed the English Channel to Northern France to be in the middle of the path of totality.

    Guess what?

    It was cloudy and the eclipse was cancelled!

    My Wife, back in Southern England had a better view from our front garden.

    Being a TG, I tried to get a refund on the travel insurance, but they refused, saying it was an Act of God!

    Hope you have better luck than me...

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    That stars add-on sounds nice, but ever since I started using Active Sky Evolution there's always a thin cloud layer 99% of the time in the sky and I can't even see my stars. LOL I plan on buying Active sky 16, because little did I know, Active sky cloud art requires it.

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