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Thread: Is there a Westand Wallace for fs9?

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    Default Is there a Westand Wallace for fs9?

    I am looking for a Westland Wallace for fs9.

    That is the same plane as the Westland Wapiti but it sports a Townend ring around the engine --which the Wapiti does not have.

    A. F. Scrub has made the Wapitis--all nice.

    If there isn't a Wallace, I will ask him if he can make one for us.


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    The only ones I can find in my GW3 installations are, as you say, the FSX/FS2004 Westland Wapiti MkI, MkIIa and MkIII buy A.F.Scrub. So a Wallace would be welcome.

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    The Mk1 Wallace was 20 inches longer than the Wapiti and was fitted with wheelspats and brakes.
    The Mk2 Wallace introduced the townend ring round the engine and an enclosed cockpit.

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    All beautiful aircraft to be sure! Not a Westland aircraft but I love the de Havilland DH34 by Edward Cook.

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