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Thread: Looking for a VA

  1. Default Looking for a VA

    Mainly, No.1- ACARS not required (no internet on my CPU)

    2- my Origin- Destination

    3- jets, props, and frieght or pax

    Is there one?

    thanks. louross

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    Default They have a manual reporting system. You can ask in the forum for approval and advise your situation. I'm sure they will accomodate you.

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    My airline, Fly3 only does manual submission. We do ask you fly on VATSIM or something similar to prove you flew the flight though. Our website is located at (

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    Maxfraight VA 6 hubs in the usa flys everything from prop to 747 manual pireps. Schudled flights and charters you can literally fly anything any whare

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    Thanks for your responses! I joined WW yesterday, but now I can't access their web page- will try later. Fly3 sounds good, but I can't fly on-line because my computer doesn't connect to internet (this is my son's computer- upstairs). I will probably sign up with Maxfreight if I can't get back into the WW site.

    Thanks again.

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    Have a look at our website. Platinum Airways is the Open Skies VA: you fly the mission of choice with the aircraft of choice at the time of choice. We are offline by default, altough severa of our pilots fly online. PIREPs are via a webform, as you'd be only fooling yourself when claiming hours you didn't fly. We have a Destination of the week, cargo and (vintage) military missions, five hubs (altough you don't have to select any of them), a large fleet with jets, props and military AC, etc.
    President, Platinum Airways - Email: [email protected]

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    ll talk, no action. Worldwide accepted me, now their website doesn't work, first manual pirep was rejected, for some reason, second pirep has been "pending for some time now, some forum questions/requests on their site are still unanswered. Maxfreight too an application, never responded. Platinum Air- the website apparently doesn't work either, sent an email, got a response thaty they'd answer soon, never heard back from them.
    Lou Ross

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    I don't recall your name, unless you are the pilot from Phoenix I approved a while ago. If not, please apply again.
    President, Platinum Airways - Email: [email protected]

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    I'll send another to [email protected] All I got back was a bunch of spam I never opened.
    Lou Ross

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    Application sent.

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