Hi everybody. I am dabbling with FS2000 standard and bought some add-on aircraft, Phoenix bonanza and Airbus 2000.
Both install correctly and the Airbus 2000 aircraft appear on the available aircraft list once running FS2000.
However when you click on them(choose) them no image appears and if you continue to flying, the aircraft is invisible.
Worse however is that the Phoenix Bonanzas don't appear at all in the aircraft choice list, although they have been installed when I delve into the program folders.
FS2000 is a bit weird as there are patches for either the Pro or the Standard version which tells me they are going to have differing protocols for installing addon software. Why the complexity?
I have searched the threads but no answer is there.
Anyway I wonder if anyone can tell me why my 'installed aircraft' either are invisible or don't appear on the list and if the fix is simple. I have installed the patch but made no difference.