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Thread: Which is the best Windows version for FSX?

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    Question Which is the best Windows version for FSX?

    Hi, I am planning to upgrade or completely rebuild my desktop PC.
    Currently, I have Win10 on it because "it has upgraded" me.
    Win10 runs alright but this computer will primarily be use for FSX. Since upgrading the motherboard I will have to buy a Windows CD.
    In your opinion, which Windows version is working best with FSX...Win7 ...Win8.1 ...or Win10?
    Also, my pc is about 5 years old and has a liquid cooler installed. Would the liquid cooler not be as effective with time? Should I replace it?
    Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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    These days, you can probably only buy Win 10.


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    It may be worth bearing in mind that support for windows 7 ends in January 2020. So no security updates.

    Some have reported issues since upgrading to Windows 10 but many use it without issue, as I do.

    Don't want to have to rebuild again !


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    Win 10, but you need to manage it properly.

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    Thank you all so much for your replies. I appreciate it very much!
    About the liquid cooler, since it is a sealed unit, it should be ok after 5 years?
    My wife and I built our 1. desktop pc especially for flight-sim about 10 years ago and it worked well. 5 years later we had one build. It was expensive but worked
    well. Now, after so many add-ons we would like to build or rebuild one
    again. We hope to save some money this way and build a pc where most of FSX could run pretty much maxed out.
    At a later date, I would like to post what we have in our current FSX PC and what we would like to replace it with. We have a large case with some very good fans. So, that should be a good starting point.
    Again, I if I could get your opinions for the next desktop, I would appreciate it very much.
    Thanks again.

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    Win 7 would be best. Hell! Win XP would be best! But since you didn't know how to shut off the Win 10 update you're stuck unless you want to reinstall. You can still get Win 7.
    I don't use updates so I don't care about Win 10 crap. No, I've never had malware or anything. Yet I bet people that use Win 10 still get malware. I only use an update if it fixes an issue. Win 10 IMO is garbage.

    Oh, liquid cooling is fine. If it ain't broken don't fix it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRJ_simpilot View Post
    Win 7 would be best. Hell! Win XP would be best!
    That's true, if your computer is in a cave, is based on many-years-old technology, and it's not connected to anything!

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    Win 10 64 bit. Your cooler, if it fits, shouldn't have degraded.

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    Yes my friend, As the other friends said, the best windows for running FSX smoothly is Windows 10. If you have a good PC with a good graphic card and DX10 fixer, Windows 10 will have a better performance than Windows 7.
    I myself have a very good hardware and months a go, I used windows 7 but I always had problem tuning FSX but after I upgraded to Windows 10 now everything is working better with now stutter

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    The thing that makes people not like Win 8/8.1/10 I believe is the user interface, and I do think that MS really screwed things up for themselves by wanting to have the same interface for phones, tablets and PCs. Interestingly, I have read somewhere that the product manager that pushed the decision on that interface through is no longer with MS.

    But why run things like that manager wanted us to? I run everything off my desktop, that at least gives it the look of Win 7 and before. And, under that shell that the interface is, the OS itself is fast and reliable.

    Now, I do have one question: I have Win 10 Home Single Language. Will there be any performance benefits, FSX-wise, by upgrading to Win 10 Pro?


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