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Thread: Article: Review: VMAX - Boeing 767-300 ER Professional

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    Default Article: Review: VMAX - Boeing 767-300 ER Professional

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    One of the best airplanes for the X-Plane pilots. It is a great pleasure flying her.

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    Do you have the Same Model in "FSX" ?? Not One in My Group are with X-Plane... Could have Ordered this Aircraft in my Collection. Sorry!!!
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    FSX has had, for quite awhile, the equally realistic but somewhat less visually advanced LDS 767. I have both, in addition to around 9000 hours in the real thing, and I can tell you that they both do an outstanding job of duplicating the 767 experience, at least to the extent to which it can be achieved in something like a PC based simulation.

    LDS has dropped a hint or two at FlightsimCon that they will finally be bringing out their long awaited B757 for MSFS, and we shall see if anything has been done in the last decade or so to improve the visuals of the virtual cockpit. If so, then possibly an update could be contemplated for their 767. They do seem to have brought out a patch in the last year or so that purports to allow their 767 to be installed in Win 8 and/or Win 10. This had been a major reason why many of us stick to Win 7 for our simming! So LDS may still be alive and well.

    Tony Vallillo

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