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Thread: FSX graphics glitch after pressing 'esc'

  1. Unhappy FSX graphics glitch after pressing 'esc'

    Hi all,
    Over the past month or so, I've encountered a rather annoying problem with the graphics in FSX. After flying for a while (2+ hours typically) some portion of the aircraft will disappear or the ocean will become white or something along those lines. The flight continues and you can still hear sound and see movement, but something is clearly off. In the past, I have been able to fix this by pressing 'esc' then resuming the flight as normal. However, pressing 'esc' now completely throws the simulator off. The plane may not display at all, and in addition the ground textures may be missing, or the taxiways and runways disappear. Sometimes a river will be the only thing showing on a black screen, or the land will be replaced with a flat blue texture. I can usually continue pressing 'esc' until the graphics get to the point where I can continue the flight, but it is never perfect again. This problem primarily happens in the QW757 and the TDS 737, but it's happened in other planes too. I'll try to get pictures of this up.
    Possibly important notes:
    -Audio will still be present, and you can hear yourself cycling through views using the 'A', 'S', 'shift+A', and 'shift+S' keys.
    -A little while before this happened, I followed a poster's advice and renamed the 'fsx.cfg' file to something else in an effort to get aircraft nav lights, which has been a problem for me for a while. This didn't do anything good and just became a hassle because many settings got reset.
    -I can dance around this problem sometimes by saving the flight, exiting the sim, then loading the flight and continuing. This does, however, completely throw off the QWPAS in the 757 and can disable the autopilot. But the graphics return.
    -This occurs any time you leave the active flight, including going to the refueling menu or looking at the map.
    -My computer has Windows 9. I understand FSX and Windows 9 aren't best friends, but most people seem to make it work.
    What can be done about this? Should I try renaming the fsx.cfg file back to normal? Should I bring the settings way back? I want to be able to fly the QW787 when it comes out, and right now I'm not sure my sim will be able to handle that.
    Thank you all for any advice you have in working towards a solution.

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    Default FSX graphics glitch after pressing 'esc'

    To be sure: Windows 9 doesn't exist. Are you on 8 or 10? Did you update your graphic drivers recently?

    Grtz., Hans

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    Quote Originally Posted by freddiel View Post
    Hi all,
    -My computer has Windows 9. I understand FSX and Windows 9 aren't best friends, but most people seem to make it work.
    You probably meant Win 10 cause there was never a Win 9.

    Have you updated your video card driver to its latest??? Nvidia or AMD? How old is it? Tell us about your whole rigging.


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    In fsx-settings make sure that "preview DX10" is NOT selected.
    That should fix that what you mentioned about a strange blue texture that sometimes appears. (it happens when the pc gets loaded to much. Happens with dx10 only.)

    this will likely fix the other issues as well. If it does not, then these other issues may be your processor or videocard overheating.

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    Under graphics, in the FSX cfg file, add this line, exactly as typed:


    Worked for me when I had similar issues.
    Dell XPS X8300 Intel core i7-2600(3.4 GHZ,8 MB Cache) 8 GB memory 1.5 TB HDD 2 GB Nvidia 1050 ti graphics card Windows 7

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