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Thread: FSX:SE My Logbook.BIN is corrupt and I'm sort of at a loss

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    Default FSX:SE My Logbook.BIN is corrupt and I'm sort of at a loss

    Okay, so I just figured out about the logbook thing about 2 hours ago. I had noticed FSX didn't want to start up so I ended up reinstalling it. Before doing so, I had removed all the files/folders under the steamapps files, and didn't touch the FSX Documents folder. And after about 2 hours of download waiting, It had finally installed. I tried starting it up again, and it didn't work. After attempting to do so about 4 or 5 times, I took it over to Google, which is how I found out about the logbook thing. So, I downloaded FSXlog, which stated that it didn't seem to find anything wrong with the file, which was wrong because it still doesn't work when I start up FSX. I then tried the email they provided at the bottom of the "nothing wrong" notification, or whatever you want to call it. I'm still not sure whether the email is even used anymore, but I didn't have a choice. So I try to upload my Logbook.BIN, but Gmail wouldn't upload it because "The file is under 0 bytes". I then tried to compress a copy of the file, but Gmail won't accept some of the files that are in the rar, so I'm just so confused at what to do atm. Any help is very appreciated.

    Btw, sorry if this is the wrong place to be posting this, I'm new to the forums >~<

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    Rename that logbook.bin file to logbook_old.bin. Now restart FSX and it will rebuild a new logbook.bin file and everything should work. Worry about fixing the original one.....later! Go fly!
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    There is a file in the library, a program you can repair the old log file with. Name could be or but not sure. Click at top of page on advanced search if that's not it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by il88pp View Post
    There is a file in the library, a program you can repair the old log file with.

    A good advice: don't use the built-in FSX logbook editor for editing.
    Strangely enough it's the most common cause for logbook corruption.
    Other (and safer) utilities are available here in the library.


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    Thank you Wim!

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    Thank you guys for the help. Unfortunately renaming the logbook doesn't work, and it does the same thing. Also fsxlog11 was something I already used stated in my first post. Is it safe to delete all FSX files and just redownload and start over?

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    You made a wrong diagnosis yourself from the start, and posted it as the thread title. No wonder the suggested solutions didn't work.

    I'm not a Steam user (well, not for FSX I mean), but you could try to "Verify Integrity of Game Files".

    Posting a proper Crash Report from the Event Log would be helpful as well.


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    Another common cause for the issue is corrupted save files associated with the last flight - these are located in the same folders as the logbook.bin file.

    There are 3 files associated with a saved flight with the following file extensions

    .WX, .FFSAVE and .FLT

    I would suggest deleting the files named Previous Flight and/or, if you have saved a flight with another name prior to the problem starting, also delete the files associated with that flight. This will cause the sim to load with the standard default flight (i.e. the ultralight at Friday harbour).


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    restoring the default flight (ultralight friday harbor) may be a good ifdea.

    The way to do this, is different.

    First close fsx.

    Open folder
    C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX

    If you don't see a folder named AppData,
    in a Windows Explorer Window, click:
    and then
    Search and Folder Options
    Then click the 'Display' tab.

    in the list, put
    a check mark in:
    *Show hidden files, folders and drives

    and remove a check mark from:
    *Hide extensions of known file types.

    Then you will find the AppData folder and:

    In that folder find file FSX.cfg
    and open it.
    Find the line:
    Situation=<and some text behind it>

    Change the line to:

    close and save the file,
    then start FSX.
    Now your default flight is back to "utralight over Friday harbour".
    (And maybe now fsx will start)

    >Renaming saved flights is not the best idea.<

    When I gave my first answer, I hadn't really read your question. I just responded to add a little to what MrZippy had said.

    I read it now, and it is not very clear to me.
    What exactly happens when you try to start fsx?
    Any messages on the screen? And what exactly do they say?

    Also add the error log Wim asked for.
    You can find in one of the "Sticky" posts how to find that. The one titled:
    Sticky: Help us help you - FSX problems.

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    @ il88pp.....

    Whilst your method will indeed force a reload of the default flight, if the cause of the problem is a corrupted file linked to the previous flight then it may still fail to allow FSX to start. By deleting the files it forces FSX to write new ones based on the parameters defined for the default FSX flight. An indication of a problem is sometimes given by an error message similar to 'Unable to load saved flight. Attempting to load default flight'

    As with a number other required FSX files (such as the FSX.cfg and Scenery..cfg files) these files are created the first time you run FSX after installing when it loads the default flight. If these files are missing, FSX 'assumes' that it is an initial install and creates new ones.

    For the benefit of the OP - the Situation= line points to the last flight made by the user and will give an indication of the file name used when the flight was saved - be it a manual save by the user or a 'forced' save when an error occurs or the sim is closed without saving the flight.

    For example, it may state something like C:\Users\<YourAcctName>\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\Previous Flight - this means that it is pointing to a file called Previous Flight.FSSAVE, which in turn is 'linked' to the main FSX.exe file (hence its blue FSX style icon picture) and thus what FSX attempts to load on startup. If the .exe file is able to read this file it then looks at the .WX file and .FLT files to load the relevant data.

    If you have chosen to save a flight with specific settings of your choosing (for example cold and dark cockpit or so you start at a specific airport) then the Situation= line will state something like............\Flight Simulator X Files\Filename


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