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Thread: Article: New BAC One-Eleven & HS Trident Sound Packs For FSX & FS2004

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    Default Article: New BAC One-Eleven & HS Trident Sound Packs For FSX & FS2004

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    TOTALLY AGREE! The Hawker Siddeley Trident and BAe One-Eleven aircraft for FS2004 by Dave Maltby are some of the best Freeware around if you are into aircraft of this genre. I have the Trident myself and until 2016 had the BAe One-Eleven and have thoroughly enjoyed them both. The sound packages are awesome as are the exhaust effects of the Rolls-Royce Spey low bypass turbofans. Would just like to mention though that Dave Maltby's Vickers VC10 is another of his excellent offerings for the same reasons as these two aircraft are. Available from the DM Flight Sim Historic Aircraft website.

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    Benoit's actually made similar themed RR CONWAY soundpacks for the DMFS VC-10's too .... and for both FS2004 and FSX specific use also .... each of which are available right here at FS.COM

    Just search "Benoit Plamondon"

    Mark C/"AEROFOTO"

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    A great addition and great work by Benoit. Thank you very much. I only fly the 475/500 and occasionally the 200. The Maltby BAC-111 is also in my view still an outstanding freeware or indeed sim aircraft, even better than recent payware models about (I know I bought it then parked it in the hangar).

    To have the authentic sounds to match the model type is just great and will ensure this model continues on for a long time to come. Looking forward to the 200 set when they become available.

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    Default David Maltby's BAC1-11 sound packs.

    How do I download these? every time I click on the link I'm faced with a blank Page. Thanks in advance mog

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