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Thread: Can Anyone help me with this scenery setting?

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    Default Can Anyone help me with this scenery setting?

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    Hi there,

    i found this square shape on the scenery. is that setting problem or other spec issue? im using fsx

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    Well @Kui5566,
    May you post the screenshot for your scenery settings ? I believe that the mesh's complexity is set way too low for the terrain to display as what they should be

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    90 fps?


    Your eye 'sees' at approx 21 fps, that's why tv and movies are set at approx that rate.

    You can discern no higher rate than that.

    Bottom line, it's a needless drain on your resources.
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    Sorry, but the human eye easily can see more than 24 FPS. TV shows and movies are displayed differently than computers images, and it is very possible for people to see the difference between 24, 30, 60 and 100 FPS.

    Simmers should set the frame rate limit to what works for them, but claiming that people can't see more than 24 FPS is simply wrong.

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    Here's my recommendations:

    Global Texture Resolution, Special Effects Detail, and Scenery Complexity Sliders should all be maxed out to the right!

    Kill Lens Flare and kill Show aircraft labels. Set Airline AI traffic to under 50%.

    Your computer specs can't be any worse than mine and I have those settings and working well!
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    +1 on the suggestions made by Zippy - they may resolve the issue if it is not a conflict between scenery packages............ EDIT - I have added this having taken a closer look at the screenshot provided..........Something you could that try that will show if the problem is because your are over-extending your system resources is to pause the flight and wait and see if the scenery 'catches up' and loads correctly - if it does then test different settings to get the best balance. If the problem remains then it seems more likely to be a conflict as indicated below - EDIT END

    However, from the screenshot provides it does appear to me to be conflict between two (or if you are really unlucky, more) different scenery packages, The problem is identifying the culprit(s). First thing to consider/identify is how widespread it is - i.e. is it just in one place or does it appear in other nearby areas (say in a radius of XX miles) or does it occur in a totally different location.

    It could be down to terrain/landclass mesh conflict - this can be due to a mismatch/misalignment in area coverage between a 3rd party package and the default FSX terrain or between two 3rd party packages.

    It could also be caused by one or more files contained in an airport package near to the area. Sometimes it could be from an airport a fair distance away.

    You will need to review what stuff you have added recently and use the scenery settings page to disable each in turn and test.

    To aid this I suggest saving a flight in the area of the problem so that you can easily reload it in the same area each time.

    Happy hunting........
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    Wrong again 'eh?

    Oh well there's the end of the world as I knew it - LMAO

    Run FSX at 21 fps

    then run it at 50 fps

    YOU can NOT discern the difference

    And YOU know it

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    Default Can Anyone help me with this scenery setting?

    Quote Originally Posted by Allen Craig View Post
    YOU can NOT discern the difference

    And YOU know it
    It is very much possible to tell the difference between 20 and 50 fps in FSX. Even more so in other, faster paced, games. Try reading up on frame rates and human vision, as well as how TVs, movies and PCs work when it comes to displaying video.

    If 24 fps works for you, that's great, but please stop trying to claim something that isn't true.

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