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    Hello Commander.

    Release Scenery Salvador International Airport - Luís Eduardo Magalhães / SBSV (IATA: SSA).

    The International Airport of Salvador - Deputy Luis Eduardo Magalhães (IATA: SSA, ICAO: SBSV) (formerly Dois de Julho, still known by its name) is an airport located in the city of Salvador in the São Cristóvão neighborhood, almost With Lauro de Freitas, in the Brazilian state of Bahia.
    According to the list of the busiest airports in Brazil, it is the eighth in passenger movement among the airports of the country, accounting for more than thirty percent of the passenger movement in the Northeast region, consequently one of the busiest in Latin America.

    With a daily average of around 25 000 passengers, which at 35 000 high season, 277 landings and take-offs (220 daily domestic flights and 57 international flights per week), the airport in 2016 received 79 484 aircraft in total, of which 77 312 Domestic flights and 2 172 international flights. 7 526 358 passengers passed through the airport in 2016. Located 28 km from the center of Salvador, in an area of approximately 7 million square meters (between dunes and native vegetation), the airport has complete airport infrastructure and a passenger terminal capable of currently serving 11 million passengers per year And a courtyard to operate 26 aircraft simultaneously.



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    The airport looks great!
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