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Thread: Dallas Fort Worth Terminal B Extention

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    Default Dallas Fort Worth Terminal B Extention

    Has anybody made the new extension onto terminal B at Dallas Fort Worth? (B30-B39) I've looked EVERYWHERE and the only thing I find is the X-plane 10/11 addon.

    If is hasn't been made yet can someone make a freeware addon for it, or better yet contact a scenery developer to make an updated KDFW entirely? The FSDT scenery is great and all but it's outdated now since they've added the extension and such so I never bothered buying it.

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    Okay so I actually did find a freeware terminal b extension (linked below) but for whatever reason it didn't work at all. After I looked a second time I don't think the scenery files were actually in the download.

    To the Downloads Page:

    Download Link:

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    I would raise this question at the FSDT forum. I'm sure he can patch it sometime down the road.
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