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    Default 3D trees

    Yes, it's here! It was a LOT more work than I've initially thought. But it's done.
    Trees reacting to nature (Half Moon Bay) (please watch in full screen, low framerate is due to video capturing, see info below):

    Captured on a GTX 780 in X-plane 11. Low framerate is a combination of the capturing process and Reshade running (which looks great so I leave it on).
    Average framerate breakdown (sliders maxed, except reflections, measured in good weather):
    no custom airport (default scenery): 40 fps
    custom airport with no grass: 36 fps
    custom airport with medium grass: 30 fps
    custom airport with full grass: 22 fps

    This can also give you a point to measure against.
    As you can see, the amount of grass greatly affects performance, this is why the final product will have options ranging from full-to zero, and in between.
    Strangely enough the trees don't seem to drop the performance, except when you move the free camera close (closer then you would normally be with your aircraft at any point).

    This is just a raw video showing performance with medium amount of grass (I still get about 5 fps penality due to shadowplay).

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    Looking good!
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    Those trees look wonderful! BTW, good choice of music too

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    Where can I download the file?

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