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Thread: saitek radio panel DME and ADF does not seem to work

  1. Default saitek radio panel DME and ADF does not seem to work

    The ADF does not want to move when turning it and there is no stand by. ADF is useful in Alaska. Well I guess there is GPS now so less use. DME 1 works but if the right side is DME 2 it does not work numbers jump very high and low. Maybe it is not a DME 2. Anyway else seeing this. It seems the radio panel is really only good for Com and NAV

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    Saitek or Logictech has 0 support. The reply with canned answers so I suspect there is a program the reads the post and generates a canned response. I know this because I got the exact same answer 2 times when I was very detailed about the issue. I pretty much told them that so I suspect the same answer again

    So I suspect the right side of the DME option on the radio panel does not work or is not a DME. anyone else see this. Happens in version 3 and 4 P3D

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    I fixed this with spadnext

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