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Thread: EastLink Virtual Airlines FLEET PAINTER WANTED

  1. Post EastLink Virtual Airlines FLEET PAINTER WANTED

    We need painter(s) who have experience for the following aircraft:

    Airbus A319
    Airbus A321

    Boeing 717 - 200
    Boeing 737 - 800
    Boeing 737 - 900
    Boeing 777 - 200LR

    ERJ - 190

    DeHavilland Canada
    DHC - 6 Twin Otter

    Since we are a new airline we don't have a very large budget. If you could paint these aircraft for free of charge we would be more than happy to work with you. If you do require charge we could get in contact, but the price must be in a range of $20. Please feel free to comment done below, and we would be more than glad to get back to you.

    Our discord:

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    If you PM me we can talk about what I can and can't do.

    Either way freeware is painted free of charge.


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    ***Our discord***

    Certainly a proper name for that page

    I found it impossible to use, annoying, and it encouraged me to leave immediately.

    Do you have a simple link to your VA?

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    Thanks to VA owners who don't communicate on Snapbook or FaceTweet, or in this case, Discord, I am unable to paint any aircraft for you, so regretfully, I must withdraw my offer of help.

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    I was going to do it, but since you don't currently have a website or provided us with an email...

    I have to say no and judging that you are not providing any other updates for your upcoming VA, you might as well say that this VA is cancelled which I most likely assume it is.

    Sorry, but good luck with your VA.

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