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Thread: Alabeo Cessna 441 V1.3

  1. Default Alabeo Cessna 441 V1.3

    Anyone else out there flying this plane with the newest version, 1.3?

    I installed it and now the autopilot has a close to nearly flat out impossible time in keeping the plane on course. Version 1.3 handles on the ground better than 1.2 did, but the autopilot is just horrific in the slightest amount of turbulence. And when I say slightest, I mean the Cessna 172 flies in very light bumps 10 times better by comparison, no joke.

    The autopilot goes back and forth in 80 to 90 degree bank angles to keep the plane on course, but at level of extreme bank angles the plane obviously looses altitude so fast that my integrated GTN 750 begins to give me terrain warnings over flat land, not a mountain or hill for 1,000nm, because I go from FL140 to FL020 in about one minute or less. The bank angles inputted by the autopilot now are so severe that at times the needle on the VSI reaches its limit and the plane goes from 6,000+ fpm -6,000+ fpm in the matter of 30 seconds.

    To fly version 1.3, I have no choice but to turn off realism settings in FSX otherwise the stress of the flight because of the autopilot on the plane would damage the airframe and when that happens in FSX, FSX "crashes" a plane in flight.

    Anybody else out there have these problems?

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    Are you using a weather add-on? There are a few that don't play nice with add-on planes.
    The autopilot bank limit is 30deg. Anything more is a result of the turbulence, not the AP.
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    I use Active Sky 2016 and had Active Sky 2016 before with the 441's version 1.2, but I had no problems with the autopilot with version 1.2 on their 441.

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    Nothing has been changed concerning the AP between 1.2 and 1.3 AFAIK.
    Suggest to delete the 441 completely and re-download and re-install the plane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbrz View Post
    Nothing has been changed concerning the AP between 1.2 and 1.3 AFAIK.
    Suggest to delete the 441 completely and re-download and re-install the plane.
    I did so because Alabeo support said to do the same, but the same problems with the autopilot still occur. I e-mailed Alabeo support and their response was, "Thank you for your valuable feedback.
    We'll consider if we can include it as a modification on a future patch we might release for the aircraft."

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    What a useless reply from Alabeo. Can you try without Active Sky and report back?

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    Without any weather (CAVOK and no winds) the 441 flies just fine on autopilot, but with any kind of turbulence with winds above 20 knots or so the autopilot inputs bank angles that are extreme overkill even in a light chop with FSX default weather engine.

    I agree that Alabeo's response is a useless reply. They could have at least asked what kind of weather engine I use, or what the conditions of the flights are, so that they can begin to figure out that they might need to fix something if it is weather engine related. Just my opinion.
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    Just redownloaded and installed the 441. FSX advanced weather:wind at 25kts, gusts 55kts, severe turbulence and maximum shear strenght.
    Although there's considerable yaw bank angle didn't exceed 20deg and the maximum altitude deviation was 50ft.

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    Interesting results that you reported.

    I will try to fly the 441 over the weekend and see how it handles one more time with the ap on by re-examining navigation course hold mode and heading hold mode regarding excessive over correction.

    If the yd is on in my case, then yaw should not be nice and tight hence the name yaw damper. If my problems re-occur, then it does not look like they properly programmed how a yd should operate.

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    The YD doesn't prevent yaw, it only dampens the yaw excursions and the plane stabilizes faster again than without a YD. If a gust hits you it can't do magic to prevent a yaw moment.

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