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No need being rude, I know what "static" means.

Found the car rows/arrays btw, in the FSXP_*.bgl's. As said, I've never used those.
Some of them are known for never displaying correctly outside missions. OTOH some others can be used in free flight. Seems to be trial and error.
And you need to check "Do Not Surpress Autogen" (in ADE) when using them on aprons with an autogen exclude.

I Appreciate the help. I added a mix of small parking lot cars (already grouped cars) and individually placed cars and that seems to be working, but every now and then cars around the airport could disappear for no real reason. All I can say is that the static cars are pretty unstable, at least in this situation. Also I've never had this issue when creating smaller parking lots for smaller airports. I still have 1 more full parking lot to go, so I'll check mark the "Do Not Surpass Autogen" box for the cars and see if that makes them more stable.