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Thread: Has Anyone done the New Windows 10 Update?

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    Default Has Anyone done the New Windows 10 Update?

    Hi everyone,
    Just wondering if anyone has done the Windows 10 update that just came out. I read somewhere that it was causing problems with installs of FSX. I haven't updated yet. Would like a little bit more info from those who have.

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    My current FSX (Gold boxed) install dates from W8.0 (2014?).
    It survived the 8.1, 10 and the latest W10 Creator's Update without problems.
    I use the 64bit version btw.


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    I have the Creators Update and all of the more recent minor updates and FSX:SE is running without problems. There will always be someone, somewhere who has a problem and they will usually want to tell everyone about it. The millions who don't have problems tend not to go into print to say so.

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    I should have mentioned I'm running FSX Gold Boxed version and using a 64bit version as well. Thank you for the responses.

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    Running FSX Gold on Win 10 64-bit. Win 10 is fully updated, never any issues that I have seen.


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    Taking the plunge this morning. I'll report back.

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    Come to the party a bit late on this one..............but

    If you haven't done the update yet..........DON'T.............

    It appears that the vast majority of reported issues (mainly all compatibility related) caused by the update is because users have 'rushed' to get the update and have done a manual update/install. This is because doing the install manually introduces incompatible files into the OS as it does not include a compatibility test beforehand.

    Let MS install it onto your rig via the auto update route as the installer runs the compatibility test before hand and will not install any incompatible files.

    You can check whether you have the update installed by either right clicking on the Start Menu button and selecting Run (or by pressing the Win key + R) and typing winver in the resulting box and then clicking OK - this will open a info window that displays the version info - 1703 is the Creators update and 1607 is the Anniversary update - the minor reversion numbers are then displayed after this main version number.

    FTR I have two rigs running W10/FSX - one is updated to 1703 and the other is still at 1607 - both are running with no issues. The info I posted above is based on info I found on various websites when I was helping a friend resolve an issue he encountered after manually installing said update - he is a member of the armed forces and decided to manually update his rig before deploying to a location that does not have any public use WIFI networks available.


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    Well, Windows updated just fine and everything is functioning as it did before. No problems at all. And this was done with the automatic update. I just finally agreed to it.

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    A1 okay+1. Everything works. I was checking updates found a bunch and did them all at once. A little less than an hour total time. Box btw.


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    Interesting!! The Mrs. and I have Win 10. Her PC is months newer than mine (Both Identical), from 2016, but she has the updated 1703 version and mine is still at 1607 as of this writing. She told me a Windows Update took away her "Personalization" category in Control Panel. I am assuming this might be related to this update since it recently happened. I have not looked into it because when I mess with a PC, well, you might guess...

    After a review of both machines tonight -"Control Panel", her "Display" category is also gone.

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