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Thread: Panman. for MSFS 6 (95)

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    Hi everybody.
    I am very thick. I really am and I am not just being modest.
    I have grown a great interest FS 95. However I want to showcase it at its best.
    Two things have struck me. How enjoyable MS95 is but more importantly the quality of the add ons for it.
    However I really want to assign panels to the the airframes I have downloaded - such as the Lockheed Constellation.
    I have the panel but need to know which panel manager to use (Panman 4 or 3 etc.) for MS 95.
    Once I know which version of panel manager I should use I need some instruction on how to use it.
    If anyone could help me I would be very grateful.

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    You may not have much luck in getting a useful answer, as you are asking about a very old sim version. What little I once knew about FS95 I'd totally forgotten by around the turn of the century!
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    Old? My grand dad is what I call old.
    Ok I am going to fiddle with it and once I have cracked it I will post an easy to follow guide that any fool will understand, not just geeks.
    I have cracked how to install it into the right bit of FS95. It peeves me that geeks use terminology instead of simple English which makes simple instructions incomprehensible.
    So give me another 22 years and I will have it sorted.
    PS got any FS 95 software down the back of your sofa?

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