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Thread: Autopilot Or Not?

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    Default Autopilot Or Not?

    Okay so I caved in and decided to re-purchase/reinstall. No shame in that, just practical considerations and I would rather be on the inside offering constructive feedback than outside making the occasional snarkey remark. As my trial and error last night took my total play time over two hours, that's perma sorted as well.

    Anyhow to the question at hand, has anyone managed to get the AP working on those aircraft that has it fitted. There seems to be a lack of instructions or clarity as to how the system works, one of the panels has the various functions set out alongside the GPS console but no master switch I can see. On one of the twins (forget which) there was a master switch but appeared to ignore "Nav" when engaged (is there supposed to be a GPS mode switch as in FS9, FSX etc?) and the desired altitude showing "0" with no response from the adjacent dials, thus this did actually seem to engage but promptly set me on course for the ground.

    As I noted previously this has to be done on the fly as you cannot experiment with the controls while the game is paused.

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    Well, if you can't find the AP on/off or master switch, and DTG FSW basically still being MS FSX, all you have to do is press Z on the keyboard .
    Ctrl-N turns Nav heading on and off.
    Should work with all AP enabled aircraft.

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    I have done a bit more delving and got some of the autopilot functions working.

    However it appears what we aren't getting (at least on the included GA aircraft) is the simplified autopilot and GPS from FS9 or FSX. It's integrated into the MDU's and while at some point we might get instructions as to how to use it at present, all trial and error. One of the aircraft I managed to figure out how to set and hold the altitude and heading (after a fashion) but no changeover switch from Nav to GPS. And in the absence of a map that actually lists the attributes of the airfields (specifically ILS frequencies) then you're relying on GPS for the approach, too.

    Oh and if you re-load a saved flight the autopilot has switched itself off so you need to set it all up again which - as noted - can't be done with the game paused.

    Not helped by the CDU's being tiny - even zoomed in, eyesight friendly FSW is not.

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    The Piper Cherokee 180 has Bendix-King radios and autopilot. You have to switch them all on first, but they all work as you'd expect in FS9 or FSX. There's a pop-up GNS430 (shift+1) which has the Nav-GPS toggle switch on the CDI button.

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    Excellent, thanks Tiger - now got GPS selected and the aircraft is flying my selected route.

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