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    Hello all - have not found any answer to this issue on any forum anywhere and any articles I have found are years old. Seems odd. At any rate here's what's happening. My 2 PC's are on same network at home via Ethernet cables. I can host and join from either no problem. However when I fly formation the other aircraft jerks back and forth rapidly. The strange part is that I only it on the HIGH END i7 6700K PC. My other mid end PC doesn't have that issue! I am connected in FSX via the host/join session option - not connect directly with IP address option. Additionally - again only on the i7 machine - even when I am NOT using multiplayer but just in Freeflight, when I form up on an AI generated aircraft I see it stutter as well although not as much as on multiplayer. Everything else runs silky smooth...

    i am am at a loss to understand why - any help is much appreciated!


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    This has always been a problem with FSX multiplayer. Try changing the view to LOCKED SPOT VIEW and see if it might help some. You might also check out this post on the FSHost forum for additional information.

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