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Thread: Real World Weather options?

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    Just picked up FS2002. Never experienced it in the past as I started with FS2004. There are so many addons for 2002 I just wanted to pick up a copy to have a play.
    Only issue I've come across is I have not found a way to get real world weather besides the inbuilt Jeppesen option. Tried FSMetar, Activesky 2002 and see FSrealWX doesn't support 2002 any longer. I think I may have an old version of FSrealWX saved which I'm thinking may be worth a try.
    Is there any method I'm missing still available to get downloaded weather?
    Mark Daniels

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    We're pretty limited with weather in FS2002. I use the in-built (actually, its the old FS2K weather server if you check your main config file) weather when the server's up and running or else I'll manually set the weather using aviation METAR reports if the server's down.

    That being said, the old tried and true weather server ain't that shabby, even today.

    If you want to see something jaw dropping, run FS2002 just before dawn or just after sundown (I'm assuming you have most of your display options cranked up) in a mostly dark room. I don't think FS9 or FSX can look THAT good.

    If you decide to stick with the old girl, take my advice and concentrate on land class files for scenery first and check into some moon and star textures. Some minor changes can make huge differences.

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    Thanks Bob, reading a few posts I knew you were the man for some great advice!
    Ok, I'll stick with the Jep weather, fine with that. I'm quite impressed with 2002 to be honest and I'll certainly take your advice on the scenery stuff. Display options I can run fully turned up on 2002 and 2004. I intend to use both sims. Thanks again.
    Mark Daniels

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    Well, if you're REALLY looking for a challenge in FS consider the Alphasim B-52's.

    Alpha really nailed the flight dynamics and its been my weekly flyer for something over five years. It took me over a year to figure out how to fly it the right way and set up the low level training routes.

    Imagine flying a 747 at 350 knots, by the way you're only 500 feet off the deck...

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    Shoot, almost forgot about another small thing with a big foot print.

    Go back to the really early FS9 mods and try some of the higher-def road and highway textures. I wound up mixing and matching a couple of downloads to get lighted highways and "semi-lit" single lane roads. FS2002 ground textures can get blurry really fast but these road textures tend to be much sharper and hold up better.

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    No worries, I'll try out various textures. It's like starting all over again with masses of work to do but it's all great fun!
    Mark Daniels

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    I am still using FSMetar in connection with FS2k2. The NOAA Option does not work any more, because NOAA changed adresses, but VATSIM Server is still an option that works fine for me.
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