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Thread: Emma Field Revisited

  1. Default Emma Field Revisited

    Hello all!:
    Just started flight simming again after getting new PC and it's great to be back. Thought something seemed a little odd, though. Then I suddenly realized "no Emma Field". I was one of the original Emma Field Flying Club members. I really miss it and just wondered are there any plans to bring it back. Are there any Alaska bush flying sceneries? What about bush flying outfits (like Bush Flying Unlimited)? Just kind of curious...

    Joe D

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    Welcome back! Emma available at Sim Outhouse!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks very much for the quick response to my post. I still have my copy of "Emma Field" for FS 2002, copies of several "GeoRender" sceneries and FSSE and FSSS on CD. I am planning to hold onto them for installation into my project computer (old PC) with Windows XP.
    For those of you who don't remember the last two, "LAGO" developed a program (FSSE) which added scenery objects as pilot and aircraft got within a certain distance of the field. The second (FSSS) added sounds like birds, music, wind, etc. Have similar products been developed for use with FS9/FSX? (I use FSX now, by the way).
    There was also another field (close to Emma Field) by the way which was subsequently developed and released by other EFFC members. It added a bar, McDonald's and some other bits and pieces. I just don't remember the name, though.
    Again, the fast, friendly reply is the reason why I liked Emma Field and flight simming. I also do PS3 and PS4. However, one of the first questions people at work usually ask after learning this is "do you play on-line". When I say "no" they seem pretty surprised.
    I almost always say "it's because many (not all) on-line gamers take it way too seriously'. I just do it for fun...
    Anyway, thanks again for the quick reply. Found my way to Sim Outhouse and downloaded it already...

    Best Regards

    Joe D

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    The name of that other field suddenly just popped into my mind. It was a place called "Dexter's Bar & Grill". There was also a add-on for that called "Dexterville" which added a bunch of stuff like a village church and dock (among other things ) to the nearby scenery. There were some other places nearby which were really neat, too. "Frog's Head Place" and "Frog's Head Heights" (to the west of KEWL). One called "Frenchy's Hideaway" (to the North of KEWL). Another called "Diamond Point" (east of KEWL) which was part of the "LAGO Georender Series) and finally Harvey Field which was south of Dexter's Bar and KEWL. Directions and place names are approximate. It's been many, many moons since I've done an KEWL flight. Hope I've remembered correctly, those are just a fraction of them. I thought the quality of the freeware sceneries was every bit as good as payware ones. They certainly added something interesting to look at out the window...

    Joe D
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    I have uploaded Emma Field for FS2002 and the 2004 patch to dropbox if anyone wants it. Hope this is alright moderators. Just remove it if not.
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    Man, you have been away for awhile!
    I remember Emma Field... a sim classic. Welcome back.

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    Hi, I was wondering if you have a copy of the scenery that you talked about (Dexter's Bar & Grill, Dexterville, Frog's Head Place, and Frog's Head Heights) and if you could send me a copy. I lost these scenery files in a computer crash and would like to fly Emma airfield again.

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    This may be of interest.

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    Helloooo... there is still a KEWL following out there.

    After many years away, Old One-Eye has been and gone and got himself msfs 2020 - I remember Emma Field with a very heavy heart, I miss the duck, the wabbit and uncle Elmer - especiall the copious quantities of his famous Number Five we would consume in copious virtual amounts in the clubhouse.

    There's still room near Lillawaup to place a likeness of something KEWL-like there, and with the new sim's ability to have runways follow the terrain, we might even get a lumpy runway that was no doubt caused by Wabbit. I think it would be great if someone could rebuild the field and other locales such as Dexters, Bear Gulch, Cushman Field and co. We might have to speak to Mathijs Kok over at Aerosoft, after all, it was his daughter who is the name-giver for the Lago addon for FS2002...

    Infact, when you think about it, the young girl is now probably a mother and Mathijs a grandfather by now.

    Doesn't time fly? I wonder where Officer Barbie got to?
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    I miss Emma Field as well. I still wear my EFFC hat often.
    Last I heard I believe Francois Dumas from FSAddon or Bill Womack from iBlueYonder owned the name and one of them was working on a new version for FSX possibly. But nothing ever came of it due to the new programming that was needed for that version. I always hoped something would come of it but I guess it was time to move on.
    Now with MFSF2020 it would be a great addon as Bill's talent for scenery has grown so much.
    Jeff (EFFC430)

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