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Thread: Struggling to install add ons

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    Trust me, you're going to wind up reading my last post about air files.

    Don't let file size be your guide, I've found really nice aircraft in small zip files and really clunky aircraft in large zips. You just have try a lot of stuff and keep what you like.

    Sometimes an aircraft just needs better textures or a different sound file to become a knock-out. Sometimes you just have to adjust the eyepoint value in the cfg file so the VC looks better. Sometimes you can't save it, no matter what you try.

    Just remember this: Uploading freeware means never having to say you're sorry.
    Someone, somewhere, spent a lot of time to create this stuff and then chose to give it away.
    Always respect the author.

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    Good news! Fs9 has just arrived in the post just installing it onto my pc do add ons basically work like fs2002?

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    do add ons basically work like fs2002?
    As far as I know, the answer is yes. FS2002, FS2004, FSX, FSX:SE all have pretty much the same directory structure, meaning add-ons works the same for them all. There are some minor differences, like FS9 (FS2004. Same-same) has the folder ...\AIRCRAFT, whereas FSX has ...\SIMOBJECTS\AIRPLANES. Still, I think it's pretty obvious where you would put an add-on aircraft in either one.

    Does that answer your question?

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    Got a few installed now and I have to say fs9 is miles better 2002 just seemed to fake if you know what I mean all the little extras make 2004 more realistic. No doubt a lot more planes to be put on tonight

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    Bring up the FS2002 section and search for "all". Stick to FS2002 downloads for the time being, we'll get into using downloads for FS2000, FS9, and CFS2 later.

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    I use FS8/FS9 I also use what FS2000 planes that will work in FS8, hope anyone can
    help on this plane for FS2000 it is the Airbus A-400M, it will show up and work up
    to a point in FS8 everything works on it, flaps, rudder, landing gear but when I apply
    full throttle it slowly shuts down the engines. Would AirEd work? how do I fine it?

    Thank You


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    I want to update Windows up to version 10, but I'm worried about having to reinstall it. I was told that I would need to make a back up. I tried, but ran into the loss of their DVD or CD drive after upgrading. I was told that I can do it with external drive e.g. SE-218CB CD/DVD from Samsung, characteristics here Who faced this, with the uninstalled driver everything went as usual?

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