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Thread: Add-On Scenery Questions

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    You bought an addon airport and installed.
    Then you ask:"is something else required to make it work?".

    1-the airport you bought, did it look different after installing? Or do you still see the default one?

    2-those other 2 airports, on the page where you bought your addon, does it say these 2 are also included as a bonus?

    3-do these 2 look different now as well since installing the payware addon?

    4-if not changed, you will have to look for addons for those 2. Either freeware or payware.

    5-i think mrzippy's suggestion changes all 3 airports.

    Try to be precise with your question. That way you get answers that are more clear.
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    Another thought if after installation, the airports still seem to be lacking stuff, be sure to max out your slider for Scenery Complexity!
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    I bought this online and didn't see a manual but I will look again to see if there is a README file that I missed. I used the installer that came with the download and it installed everything in the folder I directed it to. It most likely is working, just not at great as I expected.

    Thanks all.

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    Orbx offers a very nice Harvey Field
    Through the normal installation procedures, both an addon airfield, and the Megascenery, should appear in the FSX Scenery Library. They need to be enabled (clicked), and the addon airfield should be placed ABOVE the Megascenery.

    When mixing an addon airfield such as Orbx Harvey Field, which is designed to mesh with the Orbx Pacific Northwest region, with Megascenery photoscenery, there's no guarantee that the two sceneries will mesh well. There can be issues such as non-matching of colors where the sceneries meet. And of course Megascenery only has one season, so that season should be used so that Orbx (which has seasons) will match as well as possible. I've found that the meshing of sceneries varies a lot, from pretty poor to sometimes surprisingly good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzippy View Post
    Maybe this download in the File Library might just twist yer turnips!

    SX - FSX Scenery FSX Scenery--Seattle Airports
    [ Download | View ]
    Size: 2,602,847 Date: 12-12-2009 Downloads: 5,153

    FSX Scenery--Seattle Airports, Washington (WA). A revision of the default Seattle-Tacoma (SeaTac), Boeing Field, Renton and Paine Field airports to work with MegaScenery Earth. The artificial plateau that Seatac is built on has been expanded and the third runway added. Runways, taxiways and various structures have been revised and/or relocated to match MegaScenery Earth ground textures. Default objects have been used in most cases to minimize FPS impact. MegaScenery Earth Washington-001 (KSEA, KBFI, KRNT) and -002 (KPAE) are required. By Al Wheeler.
    So before I actually got to install this I had computer problems. I got FSX installed again and wanted to install the file you suggested. I've unzipped everything and put it in a folder, SEAFSXMS. When I start FSX and click on Add Area the window opens allowing me to surf to the folder. When I click on it, it fills out the Directory field and the Scene area name field but when I click on OK, it opens the SEAFSXMS folder which shows the scenery and texture folders. It doesn't seem to actually load anything. Am I doing anything incorrectly?

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    You do realize Megascenery is just a Sat imagery overlay, right?

    As far as adding airports. Wins 7 and above are crap with FS2004 and FSX. There's a trick. When you add the airport click inside the white space where the scenery and texture folders are.
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    read this to add scenery using the library:

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    Well I'm using Windows 10 but that worked. Thank you.

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    Here are a couple of pointers in the readme file :
    (and like Zip said as to complexity...):

    ''Mesh Terrain:
    The mesh slider must be set to 5m because of the complexity of terrain adjustments required around the borders of the artificial plateau that SeaTac is built on.

    AFCAD Files:
    The AFCAD files (XXXX_AFX_AW.BGL or XXXX_ADEX_AWXX.BGL) that contain airport data are used also for many ground textures, markings, exclusions, etc. in and around the 4 airports. Overriding, removal and/or modifications of those files could make an interesting mess of this scenery.''

    And folders / path:

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