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Thread: What small, comfortable airfields do you link/know?

  1. Default What small, comfortable airfields do you link/know?


    I hope this is the right thread for this:

    I am mainly flying GA like Cessna 182 or Piper Aircraft. However, I am searching a small airfield, payware of course.

    It should be comfortable and fun to be at. I want to enjoy spending time there only standing at the apron, viewing the scenery and watching the planes come and go. It really should be a small airfield, maybe even with a grass runway but concrete is ok too.

    Something by ORBX looks good, but I want to hear your opinion. Thanks!

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    Well, as a matter of fact I have a few favorites. More than one or two of them are shown on the aforementioned MSFS Screen Shots Forum as well.

    2S1 on Vashon Island is really cool and basic. It's where the term flying saucer was first used for UFOS!!

    Orcas Island at KORS is cool and even has pods of Orcas swimming nearby.

    The Devils Tower airport is pretty cool too. But you might prefer Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, or if you want to play with the rich and famous try Jackson Hole.

    Back to the basics K20, 18!, 72Ky, & 4I1 might fill the bill.

    Don't insist on payware only. A lot of stuff listed here is freeware to download from ORBX if you buy their Global package. And still more of it is already included in the ORBX package.

    And there's a ton of other freeware you can also easily try without buying anything else. Check out this website's Download Library!!!

    BTW: You can use either the Beaver with floats or the Goose, both default aircraft, and fly into some of the neatest places where you'll ever land with no airport needed!!

    Hope you have an idea or two here.

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    And I will add, midway from wise Rupert's suggestions(Vashon & Orcas), Jefferson Intl.
    Well known for the "100$ hamburger ride" at the Spruce Goose... (all from ORBX)
    Very nice sceneries for GA flyers
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    Thanks all, I now grabbed myself 4 Sceneries from ORBX because of its 47% Sale.

    EGKA - Shoreham Airport
    Really nice for doing some circuit training. It's really comfortable and beautiful.

    EDVY - Porta Westfalica
    A small Airfield in Germany. I thought it would be great because it's small, scenic and I am mostly flying in Austria and Germany.

    EDBJ - Jena Schöngleina
    Also a small airfield in Germany. Exactly what I was searching as well. Nice connection to Germany.

    LKHV - Horovice
    An airfield in the Czech Republic. I took it because it's beautiful as well. And I also searched a good connection to Germany from Austria. The only near airport from Vienna was Munich. But it's quite big. So, Horovice is perfect.
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    I just got KEGE in that sale. To me that's one which is really worth it as well.

    BTW: I'm going to do a sepe4rate post. But until yesterday I wasn't aware that ORBX gives a senior discount to those who can prove they are at least 65.

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    iBLUE YONDER is doing some small airports and scenery around Block Island and that area on the East Coast of the US. They even have a free airport download for people who want to try their products.

    HERON'S NEST is a pretty cool airport!


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    Default What small, comfortable airfields do you link/know?

    Hi Folks,

    Depends where you want to fly - do you have all the ORBX NA Freeware airports loaded ? There are hundreds of airports and good enough for me... I spend more time flying to these than the ones I paid for... Includes grass strips and real bush strips as well.

    Second iBlueyonder Heron's nest - free - and a work of art...

    Somebody was recently posting a small airport in FL on FSDeveloper - Bear Island - small but exceptionally detailed and free...

    ORBX Block Island is exceptionally good... ORBX Catalina Island is unique and challenging...


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