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Thread: How realistic is your flight simulator

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    Awesome!!! zswobbie1.

    Been doing this since 1998. Started with FS98.

    You have taken Fight simming to another level then I even thought of or ever will.

    I tried FSX twice, spent lots of money for add ons and never could get it work right. I will stick with FS2004. Works every day with no problems, All the add ons and I have spent lots of money on this sim twice. This not a cheap hobby, but cheaper than flyin a real plane.

    I have the graphics maxed out and getting 100 FSP, never come close to that with FSX.

    Prepar3d will have to go 64 bit before it will compare to x-plane. Then Prepar3d is the sim to get. X-plane is the sim of the future for now.

    Keep up the good work and happy flyin. Dude.

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    Thankjs, Rick.
    I've tried them all.. lol. FSX was a pain in the butt, & P3D is a bit of a problem for me.
    My laptop, an i5 4GB RAM, can only use P3Dv1.4, as any higher needs DX11, I my graphics card is only DX10. Even so, it is still better than FSX.

    However, I have P3d & 3x versions of FS2004. a normal version, a Golden Wings version, because I like 1930-1940 planes, & my Ford Tri-Motor Project install ( I was a beta tester for the late Garry Smith for an unreleased 'Death Star' project, with only their scenery, as well as the Shackleton & Impala sim. Those are at our clubhouse.
    I'm using FS2004 in those sims as well. Because of the scenery, Aeroworx Freeware South Africa, & also we get no benefit from using anything better than FS2004.

    I suppose I went the route I did, because I was getting bored with the usual point to point flights, & the larger jets did not really interest me, so after many years, I went for the unusual & different planes & scenery.
    I have cars, boats, aircraft carriers & even a train. One of the Ford project scenery includes ramps & sloping runways (not to be seen in FSX & others), & I can take off from a ramp. I even have a skier to ski down the slopes.

    So, realistic in this case? Maybe not, but VERY immersive.
    Also, just because I fly, drive, sail & steam, certainly does not make me a lessor simmer than those that follow POH's. Even so, I still do not open doors in flight, unless I have my parachute on! :-)

    I have very little pay-ware stuff, as I tend to support the developers.

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