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Thread: Lancduyn's Spring Fling 2017

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    Short trip planned today. Weed to Tillamook (KTMK). Going to stop by the Air Museum and see if the Sea Hornet recognizes anything.

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    Knew the weather was going to be sketchy (mostly due to impacting something other than the Tillamook runway on my first attempt in heavy IFR. Fortunately Wite-Out took care of that log entry...). Cloud base was about 4500, but broken below that down to about 1700 feet so needed to be low to see anything and terrain in the area is above that so I went to IFC navigation (I Follow Coast). Set up a nice approach into Tillamook for Runway 13 with wind from 163 at 14 knots. Just as I'm about to touch down wind shifts to 42 degrees at 34 knots. Going to have to knock on the museum door in the morning and see what their parts supply looks like. Duenna accepted the flight but it had to be close to a crash.
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    Never a dull moment. At least they have a decent repair facility and parts department at Tillamook

    I really gottat get going again...

    Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!
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    KTMK/S47 to CYZT.

    Wish the forecast was better as the sightseeing is great here, but onward and upward.

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    Had a pleasant stay at Tillamook before heading North. The museum was light on parts, but heavy on paint, so I went ahead and put more of a high vis scheme on the Hornet.
    I thought that was the polite thing to do to help out the SAR teams when they come searching after I inevitably hit something solid.
    One of the restorers offered to put nose art on for free (found out later he was part of the group working on the locomotives out front, not the museum aircraft, but hey- free is free).
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Not great weather for this leg. I tried to fly over the Olympics as I've been on the tops of a number of them but cloud base was too low so headed for the coast.
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    Coastal flying not much better. The beach made for great camping years ago by the Sea Stacks. When the tide came in you were completely cut off. Fun to wake up in the morning and find deer in the ocean eating kelp.
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    Down at Port Hardy. Trying to get past this weather system. Plane beaten up by turbulence, many parts missing. (Note to self- when you load software that requires a reboot before continuing, reboot especially before using FSX. Very lucky to have avoided OOM or CTD).
    Click image for larger version. 

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    After traipsing through the woods all day I've recovered most of the major parts that fell off the Sea Hornet, so leaving Port Hardy headed for Ketchikan.

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    Landed at PAKT. Still in bad weather so no in flight pics.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ketchikan to Atlin B.C.

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    Down at CYSQ Atlin. Flying around where they filmed Never Cry Wolf, a movie starring a de Havilland Beaver with supporting roles by Charles Martin Smith and Brian Dennehy.
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    Departing Atlin for Coldfoot AK.

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