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Thread: Advice for Megascenery Newbie Please

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    Default Advice for Megascenery Newbie Please

    Shalom and greetings all my pals,

    Just got three Megascenery sceneries of three different states!! Wondering if anybody has advice for first tiime Megascenery user!!

    Should Megascenery sceneries of three different states go to bottom of add on scenery list?

    Any tips or warnings regarding installation of Megascenery sceneries via DVD discs and regarding use of Megascenery sceneries please?




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    Hi Aharon,

    I don't use any Megascenery products but do use an alternative mesh/landclass type product and have also installed a number of scenery items that have included separate airport and landclass folders. My suggestion is based on what I have read on the subject and problem solving/testing issues...

    WRT its position within the scenery list I would suggest that you place it below any addon airports, scenery libraries etc but above the default FSX areas and, crucially, above any other mesh/landclass product that you may have installed that also covers the area you are adding - by this I mean any other mesh installed that covers, for example, the whole of the states as a single package or is divided into sub areas that covers a number of states.

    This will allow the addon airports, objects, etc to be displayed correctly 'above' the mesh. If you place the mesh above such items they may not display correctly.

    It must be remembered that basically FSX loads scenery in 'layers' starting with the default areas and then processing the rest of the scenery library based on its 'layer' number. In the default FSX scenery list view the item at P1 (i.e. the last item added) will have the highest 'layer' number and will therefore be loaded last above all other scenery layers for the area.


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    Thanks, Longbreak754 for answers.

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