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Thread: Things I would like to see in future sim

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    Quote Originally Posted by asos View Post

    Thanks for the wonderful explanations on sound structures.

    I will download your F-104 sound, as napamule did, and use it to replace the horrid def Learjet sound in fs9 and fsx.
    I wouldn't, the TFE731 and CJ805 sound nothing alike. The default sounds are excellent TFE731 clips that suffer from being put together poorly.
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    I like the bird strike idea. It would be neat to see some more in flight mechanical emergencies. It might be kind of hard to have an interactive circuit breaker panel though.

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    I would like to see the simmer penalized when he does not follow the line of progressive taxi on the ground closely--say within 15 to 20 feet either side of the line--but cuts corners and cuts short to arrive at the assigned parking spot or gate quicker. The penalty should be similar to what happens when one crashes--a reset of the sim to the initial flight situation.
    This feature should be optional in the realism settings of the sim, so one can turn it on and off at will, like "detect crashes" etc...


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    Ah! the wonderful World of MSFS when we could b & m all day long everyday and hope and dreams were still alive. Gone with the wind now.


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