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Thread: Should I purchase departure airport scenery or arrival airport scenery?

  1. Post Should I purchase departure airport scenery or arrival airport scenery?


    I have FSX:SE and am looking to buy a UK2000 airport scenery. I currently have no addons (apart from freeware aircraft) and I want to add realism and change what base game looks like. I was specifically looking at UK2000 Heathrow Xtreme but am wondering whether you take advantage and admire scenery at the airport your departing from or the airport your arriving at? I only want to buy one airport at the moment so I want to purchase an airport that I will take advantage of. Do you see departure scenery or arrival scenery more? Thanks!

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    It all depends on where you spend the most time! Buy one and check to see if there are freeware addons for an other airports you fly to/from.
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    I agree with Mr. Zippy that it's dependent on what you want most out of it, not what someone else may think. Chances are good that there are folks on here who'd tell you one and other folks who'd tell you the other, if they had to say one way. But guaranteed that my choice only has a 50-50 chance of matching what you'd be happy with.

    And, of course, do check the freeware, as there are a LOT of airports (many quite well done) available. The files section of this site has a huge selection.

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    Well, that is an interesting question... What I would do is practice my "go arounds" and that way the one airport I buy is now for departures AND arrivals!

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    Thanks everyone for the replies! I have found a UK2000 2 Airport Bundle for a similar price to one airport alone and the bundle covers two destinations I can fly between! One question however, will this work with my FSX:SE on Windows 10?


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