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Thread: corrupt need fixed file

  1. Unhappy corrupt need fixed file

    The disc i have has a corrupted cab file which is I know these thing can be annoying and all but its just really bad thing for me. I will need to get the file again or somehow repair if someone has the file dm me for my email then you can send it through email thanks.

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    This happens with the most commonly pirated copy of the file on the web. (Yes, I know, I tried to download pirated abandonware, many years ago. I got a nasty email from my cable company about it and never torrented anything again.) Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a place you can access the file except through purchasing used copies legitimately. Sucks, I know. Good luck on tracking down a copy for sale. Happy flying!

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    I understand I am a year late, however I'm browsing a clean set of FS2002 disks and see that installing 3VOICES.CAB is also possible and means the other file is not required (this is just for ATC voices). Perhaps that one is not corrupted? A minimal/compact install may also allow you to get by without needing this file. Just putting this up there for anyone in the future who may have corrupted disks.

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