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Thread: Article: Tutorial: ILS Approach with Procedure Turn

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    Default Article: Tutorial: ILS Approach with Procedure Turn

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    Great tutorial. Thanks for your efforts. A few comments as a real world Commercial Pilot, AMEL, ASEL, Instrument airplane ratings.

    First, an interesting approach choice for the tutorial. The pilot actually as a choice (unless restricted by ATC) for either a DME-Arc approach to the IAF (initial approach fix) to intercept the localizer, or the PT (procedure turn) to intercept. Just a quick comment for those that may want to practice either or both. The DME Arc used to be a bit more of a challenge flying with just to NAV radios and DME radio. Now with GPS and an autopilot, they are super easy.

    A few comments for the full approach with PT. For the procedure turn outbound (HDG 127 on the chart) the IFR procedure is to start your timer/stopwatch after you make the turn and wings are level on HDG 127 (in this example). Then, fly outbound for two minute. (This is standard in the US. In other countries such as Transport Canada it is 45 to 60 seconds, but depending upon winds aloft that may not be enough time to perform a course reversal and intercept the localizer before being blown through it.) I prefer 2 minutes, but it is important to know that terrain clearance is on guaranteed within a 10 mile radius.

    Second, we are trained in smaller GA aircraft to drop approach flaps and the gear at the FAF (final approach fix) in this example, crossing PIEVE inbound. On larger jets, flaps come in earlier, but still approach flaps and gear at the FAF.

    Great tutorial and thank you to your service for the community.

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    On behalf of JetJerry, a retired MIL/CIV/COM pilot with more hours as PIC than I've been alive (and I'm no spring chicken :lol: ), thank you for your nice comment.

    GPS's have changed much for sure but there are a whole host of us at our bush flying VA site (EPOCH Alaska Air) who like the 'good old days' and set up flights, training and missions often with everything from dead reckoning through steam panel instrument flight. We tend to use our GPS equipment while on line together mostly just to check in on distances, coupled with landmarks - being GA low and slows for the most part

    So a special shout out to JetJerry and Ottopilot9, the real horsepower behind this tutorial. I'm just a tester, flier, low-time RW GA pilot (health-retired) and happen to be the C.O.O. of our VA which is why the candy and flowers were sent to my office :lol:


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    Hey guys.

    Maybe I'm misreading things here, but is the outbound course from Pieve 172? The tutorial has it as 127. Perhaps simply a typo.


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    You are right DC7...Being a PrivPilot, it is so refreshing to read a comment from our Sky King Mentors. Many youngsters deciding to fly sims is great, wish I had this when I was young. But think that realizing that this is also a method to experience what actually goes on in the cockpit regardless of GA or Heavy. I was entranced by flight when I was quite young. Maybe more young, male and female, people will desire to dance among the clouds. Thanks for the vid, great work.

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    Very enlightning. PT are always hard for us GA pilots because we don´t fly them too often. THKS.

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