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    Hello all good to meet you as ive just signed up, been flying sims for a good number of years but still don,t know all! At present i,m re-visiting CFS3, I enjoy this sim, and have just noticed there are numorous add ons and expansion packs available, as to how you patch these in ive yet to master. Now, up until now ive had no trouble with CFS3 and always found it to be stable. But just a couple of days ago my Mitchell B-25 keeps pitching nose up, to the point where i have the Saitek cyborg evo wireless stick full forward, it makes it impossible to fly. Tried all I know, all the drivers are up to speed.The windows calibration shows the stick to be just fine, as does the Mad Catz software. I haven not altered the game parameters and they all seem to be fine and dandy. Can anyone shed some light please? Thanks in advance.

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    You have any other controllers attached to your machine? Don't think it was cause a specific aircraft interference you never know. May try unplugging all of them that have joysticks.

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