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Thread: FSX black screen when game is loading and when the game ends

  1. Default FSX black screen when game is loading and when the game ends

    Hi all!

    FSX worked fine when I was on Windows 7, and then I moved to Win 10 Pro. Now when I select a mission to fly, and click "Fly now", I see a black screen with the mouse (instead of showing how the mission/flight loads...loading scenery....loading weather.......) and then the graphics returns when the flight has finished loading and ready to fly.

    I then fly the mission and when the mission completes or there is a crash, I get a black screen again. Here then, I can't see "Refly mission","End mission" or whatever option..the screen is all black. What's the problem and what should I do?


    (Win 10 Pro, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD,Display drivers latest)

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    Two things to try.......

    First - Ensure that DX10 Preview is not selected.

    Second - Try starting the sim in Window mode and not full screen. You can change a entry in the Settings page to open in Windowed mode by default or you can press Alt + Enter to enter it once the sim loads to the Free flight page. Once airborne you can switch back to Fullscreen mode for the flight. At the flights end simply switch back to Windowed mode before exiting so that next time the sim starts it will be in Windowed mode. Or you could remain in windowed mode.


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