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Thread: I could use a bit help with scenery config /scenery library in fsx

  1. Default I could use a bit help with scenery config /scenery library in fsx

    I'm afraid I made a mistake when using scenery config editor ,I did something and all the files got a friendly prefix name now hardly any files are showing in the scenery Library in FSX, I realise I should not have used the scenery confeditor but a bit late now ,.I have tried numerous things to try and resolve this ,but I think the problem is its been saved on stesm cloud so it just downloads the same rubbish file ,the strange thing is steam validates the files .can anyone please help or have any sugestions at I really don't know what to do I have clocked over 300 hours in FSX and never had a problem.

    Kind regards


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    Are they still showing in sceneryconfigeditor?
    If so, did you use "Normalise Local Paths"? (I don't see 'freindly paths' anywhere).
    Maybe use "Extend Paths" to fix it.

    Do you still have a backup of the file scenery.cfg?

    Show a screenshot of what the scenery library looks like now in fsx.

    And one of what you see in sceneryconfigeditor.

    When load fsx at one of your addon airports, is it still the addon, or is it now default?
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    Thanks for reply actually I'm not good at posting screen shots ,I have now uninstalled sceneryconfigeditor ,I cant get to an airport fsx wont load that far no backup I'm afraid I can tell you that in the scenery library when FSX is loaded most of the files are missing ,the files were still showing in sceneryconfig editor the last time I loaded it but don't have it on now seeing as it caused me so much trouble ,is there a way to get the library files in FX back to there default state I could kick myself because I had everything working including FreemeshX I know I'm a pain but I wasn't sure what I was doing anyway lol
    ps I did try extend paths no joy.

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    To my knowledge Steam does not save any of your FSX files "in the cloud", everything should be on your computer.

    Try this...

    Go to...




    ...if you have a side by side install of FSX Boxed and FSX Steam.

    That folder may be hidden. If so, go into Folder Options in the Control Panel and check "Show hidden files, folders and drives" on the View tab.

    When you get there, move the scenery.cfg from there to your Desktop and try starting the sim.

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    Hi thanks for your reply I had some sort of result managed to fly at least although some scenery was missing ,and there is now nothing in scenery Library in fsx,but the game did run .and didn't before I just need to fix the library and I think we cracked it.

    Hi After a bit of testing things are not good nothing seems to be loading in the right order no sceneray to speak of ,no water etc etc . I really don't know where to go next with this its driving me up the wall lol Is it not possible just to rebuild scenery library I don't know a lot about it .I tried re-downloading and would have thought that would have sorted it but I'm told its on the steam cloud and I need to delete 2 of the versions that are there and download the original but I haven't got a clue .

    kind regards
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    Ok guys I fixed it all up and running
    Can anyone advise me on the install order of REX Esentials +overdrive - GEX - Soft clouds and FreemeshX or does it not matter advice welcome



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    It doesn't matter where you add FMX to the library. The highest detail mesh is automatickly used.
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    I really like the sceneryconfig editor but 3 time it has completely lost all my scenery and have had to rebuild from scratch but I still use it.
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    Hi Its me again lol Hers where I'm at I have installed my Freemesh files ,and I am getting scenery config errors surprise surprise !!!! but the game is working ,I don't know if Freemesh is working or not . I just have these config file errors,i did try with sceneryconfigeditor I changed the path and it seemed ok after doing another red triangles appeared and it said this is not a unique path ,not a clue what that means anyway at this point I backed out without saving ,and came here hoping for a bit of direction lol
    Can anyone please help me again I know I'm a pain bt still learning .
    I cant put up screen shots I don't know how would be esier if I did.
    Kind regards


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