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Thread: Vox Atc beta released

  1. Red face Vox Atc beta released

    Hi All

    A new version of vox atc has been released for download it's a beta version that you can test for free for 60 days which is for p3d and others it will be payware but no prices yet
    Should be good I use ver 6 and it works great


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    It's compatible with P3D v1.4 and 2.5 , But NOT yet with v3 .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfons73 View Post
    It's compatible with P3D v1.4 and 2.5 , But NOT yet with v3 .
    This is simply wrong. It is clearly working with v3.

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    Come on People Get up to Date Vox ATC is out as a full working programme for P3dv3&4

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    LOL. Did you notice you are replying to a thread that is over a YEAR old? Get up to date?

    Been there done that.

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