That would be the Porsche 911 by Jessy Corrales with my vehicle FDEs. The 'Race Track' is a circuit around the perimeter of the Ford Timor scenery for FS9 by Garry J. Smith (part of 'Ford Tri-Motor Project' by Edward C. Moore, project mgr). Sure wish there were white lines on edge of 'course'. But it's still fun. And it's easy to drive at 300 kts and slow to 65 kts for turns as I used 1 notch of Flaps with a lot of drag to slow it down. Throttle is 70% all the way around. So you only need joy twist (rudder) to steer, a button for 'Flap ON' and a button for 'Flap OFF', and brakes where needed (If ANY at all). 16Aug11. Link: .
Chuck B
(PS: You Tube could not find a Thumbnail of vehicle - Cheesh!)