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Thread: CS or QW 757

  1. Default CS or QW 757

    I come from extensive experience with the PMDG 737NGX and 777, what can be considered "as real as it gets".

    I'm looking to get a 757. The most important thing to me is systems simulations and flight dynamics. Visuals is next most important. I'd rather have it work right and look bad, rather than the other way around.

    I've seen offerings from Captain Sim and Qualitywings.

    In terms of systems and dynamics, which of these is better?

    I've also heard CS has some bugs, making it essentially unflyable. Have those been worked out (they mention some sort of 4.5 update)?

    I'm running FSX acceleration (non steam), on a Retina MacBook Pro with 2.6ghz quad core i7, 16GB ram, 2GB Nvidia 750M, and Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. What kind of performance could I expect with each of these?

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    I use qualitywings and love it... it isn't the most complete in terms of every button is clickable, and the FMC is not fully modelled but is about 60-70% there, in my none expert opinion.
    My main gripe is that there is no weather or terrain radar (or I haven't found them )

    I can't help you with the CS, but for £22, I think getting the 757-200, -300, -F and the C-32 with winglet and non-winglet options, and heaps of accurate liveries with an a/c that for me is perfect for days I don't want to operate the most detailed and difficult of my aircraft.

    As a final note, the engine sounds, especially on the RR, are awesome! Good luck deciding which you will buy

  3. Default CS or QW 757

    QW by far. It's not up to PMDG standards but it's definitely better than CS. Of course, my CS C-130 experience (or should I say, lack thereof) has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Also note that if you have ActiveSky, it has a weather radar you can use. I haven't messed with that part of it but it does have one you can put into a separate window that guess you can pull,up as needed.

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