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Thread: Transfer Savegame to new device

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    Default Transfer Savegame to new device

    Last time I changed my Android to a new one I copied a folder of Extreme Landings to pc and installed the game in the new one and copied over the folder from the pc to the device (after restoration of purchases) . That didn't work so I had to start the game over again...
    Now I want to change my smartphone again and I don't want to lose again my savegames. Anybody knows the folders needed to backup? Any other method to transfer my savegames? (my smartphone is not rooted, and preferably I don't want to root it)

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    I have exactly the same issue with rortos sims, I can achieve that with DataSync+ but I have to be root for that. I want a way to do that without being root.

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    I've used helium backup for other games. The pro version costs a few bucks but it's well worth my game data.

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